Transform Dispatch Operations SOFTWARE TO AUTOMATE YOUR DISPATCH BUSINESS 🗸 A single dispatcher can handle up to 7 calls simultaneously
🗸 Real-time tracking and control of the fleet
🗸 Smart analytics for informed decision-making
🗸 And many more features to revolutionize your dispatch
for Maximum Efficiency
and Revenue Growth
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Help growing the profit of your taxi business​

Flux is a software that helps manage your taxi fleet more efficiently, it helps by providing the tools and technology needed to take more calls, track the existing activity and improve it, making everyone happier in the process. From the final client to the driver


Allow your operators to take more orders simultaneosly by using phone automation solutions and automatic dispatching. Your dispatch operators can process other calls while the software interacts with the whole fleet and sends feedback to clients

Increased customer satisfaction

Our solution allows you to offer fast and quality services, your customers will perceive a higher value, so that they might choose your taxi service instead of any of the competitors for the next ride

Realtime data and control

Provides you with analytics and dashboard that empower you to make operational decisions to improve the business. Offers the tools needed to apply the decisions!


Track every aspect of the business. Be on top of the dispatch operations and make sure rules are followed.. See cab routes, in realtime and after the event. In relation to a specific ride, or aggregated accross city zones or accross timetables


Optimize your business for better performance by having ready-made or custom tailored analytics on top of the real-time and historic data. Stop guessing, start measuring and take data-driven decisions!


You don't need specialized staff! Let the software handle most of the heavy-lifting and focus on enthusiastic personnel instead of being trapped to experienced but uncaring employees

Increase revenue and save costs while increasing customer satisfaction

The software empowers you to save costs and to obtain better performance of the business while customers get a better service and they’re more satisfied
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Reduce business costs0%
Customer & fleet satisfaction0%

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